We offer full or partial project development, depending on your wishes and needs.

We develop projects for universities, research institutions, micro, small, medium and large enterprises, farms, municipalities, state and municipal institutions, non-governmental organizations.

Full-scale project development foresees participation of our specialists in all stages of project development and submission starting from the needs analysis/formulation of your enterprise/organization until the conclusion of grant agreement for project implementation.

We consider the service is delivered when you have concluded grant agreement.

Partial development of the project includes one or several tasks listed above, content description of the project, preparation of the budget, for example, and other. You decide to what extent the external support is needed.

We consult in project research and development.

 Full scale project development includes:

  • Identification of appropriate funding programme;
  • Carrying out feasibility/ benefits and limitations assessment of potentially viable funding programme/source and selection of the most appropriate funding programme;
  • Elaboration of the project concept (project concept is of special importance, if project foresees involvement of project partners);
  • Identification and implementation of preparatory works prior to project elaboration and submission, for example, evaluation of the correspondence of the planned intervention (field, scale, logic) to the selected programme;
  • Supporting and participating in partner search (if the project foresees the partnership and partners are not found yet);
  • Organizing and managing project partner meetings;
  • Project content elaboration and writing;
  • Elaboration of product or technology development plan;
  • Development of a feasibility study or cost-benefit analysis (if necessary);
  • Ensuring preparation of and carrying out procurement procedures;
  • Elaboration of project budget;
  • Working out risk assessment and prevention plan;
  • Preparing and formatting supporting documentation in line with the requirements of the particular programme;
  • Submission of the project;
  • Preparation of supplementary information and clarifications that might be required during the project evaluation phase and/or contract negotiation phase.