Our company offers services that will help your company to achieve new goals:

  • to initiate new and improve current fields of activities;
  • to develop and introduce new products and technologies;
  • to plan and implement research and technological development measures;
  • to modernize infrastructure and material technical basis;
  • to find and enter new markets and to attract new customers;
  • to develop educational, social and health care services, and other.

We facilitate achievement of your goals by:

  • developing project proposals in order to attract the financing from the European Union and other funding instruments;
  • managing approved projects;
  • elaboration of development strategies, programmes and action plans;
  • development and maintaining cooperation with enterprises and organizations in Latvia and abroad;
  • organizing and managing procurement procedures and implementing other measures.

We have been successful in demonstrating our competence and skills serving needs of our customers, working in different economic sectors, such as, scientific and expert services, food production and processing, organic farming, manufacturing industry, chemical industry, transport, information and communication services, education, health care and social field, governmental and non-governmental sector.

Our clients are enterprises, universities, public and private research institutions, state and municipal institutions and non-governmental organizations. We invite you to get to know more about our customers and our services delivered for their benefit in sections “Customers” and “Achievements”.