Smart enterprises and organizations from time to time ask themselves a question – where are we, where do we want to be and whether our planned activities will help achieving the selected objective? Development planning is important when you have matured for the change. The development plan is sometimes requested by project financers, potential investors, and risk capital providers. Development plan may include one field, direction or the entire process. You determine its objective, content and scope. We help to assess the place and role of your enterprise or organization in the socio-economic context, to plan and implement development measures.

We offer the elaboration of:

  • Development planning documents: strategies, action plans, development programmes;
  • Development plans of products and/or technologies;
  • Plans for the technology transfer measures;
  • Innovation preparation and implementation;
  • Business plans.

We have elaborated Development Strategy of Daugavpils University, Feasibility Study of the Development Plan of Agriculture resources utilization and State importance research centre and other development planning documents.