Every project co-funded by public financial resources has to comply with the legal requirements set for public procurement.

We help to define procurement object and determine whether price quotation or tender procedure should be applied, what regulatory framework should be applied to the specific procurement (in line with Public Procurement Law or the Cabinet of Ministers regulations “Regulations regarding the Procurement Procedure and Procedures for the Application thereof to Projects Financed by a Commissioning Party”).

On behalf of the contracting authority we prepare price quotation and procurement documentation: tender provisions, technical specifications of services and works, contracts, minutes for bid assessment, and other, as well as we ensure call for tender, help to evaluate and document received bids.

Incorrectly applied procurement procedures are one of the most often spread mistakes causing unpleasant consequences – losing advance or invested financing or considerable decrease of recovered financing. Our job is targeted at eliminating such mistakes.

We have prepared procurement documentation for the Institute of Economics of Latvia Academy of Science, Daugavpils University, “Aloja Starkelsen”, Ltd, the Association of Latvian Organic Agriculture, and other institutions.