Implementation of projects in partnership is required by many programmes and initiatives funded from EU and other international cooperation structures.

Each programme and initiative sets definite requirements for partnership: whether the project should be implemented in partnership, what is the minimal number of partners, what are requirements as to the legal status and geographical location of the partners and other. Projects that do not fulfil partnership requirements are not supported. Thus finding and attracting eligible partners are in your interests. Moreover, it is essential to attract conscientious and reliable partners. In case the project is approved, the partners will be working together both carrying out activities individually and jointly to ensure that the planned activities are implemented within the set timeframe, funding is properly administered, reporting timely carried out and results achieved.

Using our cooperation networks, we help to find and attract appropriate partners to your projects from Europe, CIS and Asia and keep communication with each of them in project elaboration process.

We have been successful in attracting partners to more than 20 different projects.